Royal Charge

Royal Charge


This project was made in a custom engine in which we needed to add the components, the base for the engine was the overlord engine.


Added components:

-Character Controller

-Particle System

-Mesh Colliders

-Ray Casting with camera

-Shadow rendering

-Post processing

-Many self made materials and shaders


The game is heavily influenced by my own created AI which consists of A* Pathfinding, Flocking and patern based movement. If you want a more indepth explanation of the AI take a look at

the paper!


The goal is to avoid or destroy the enemy's and save the princes.

This automatically detected obstacles during the initialization of the game and added them to the A* grid as unwalkable.

After getting a path this piece of code made sure the enemy AI followed the path.

This piece of code made sure every enemy knew what other enemy's were close, This list was used for flocking purposes.

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