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This is another team effort made in my last year. This game is a local Car brawling game with a focus on killing eachother and doing tricks.


This project was alot of fun because from the prototyping phase on it was already fun to mess around by driving and flying the cars around, every addition and visual upgrade from that point on just made the game even more fun to play.


Made in Unity


Sneak Peace


This was my first real experience working in a team with both artists and programmers.

We decided to create a party game with the goal the defeat eachother using stealth, strategy and different weapons.


My contribution where the invisibility, weapons, menu's and pickups. Planning and coordination were also part of my job. Oh and ofcourse a thousand bug fixes.


Made in Unity



Royal Charge


This game was made in a custom engine "the overlord engine" and completely written in c++. The goal of this project was to learn about game engines and how to implement different components using the physx documentation and guidance of the teachers.

With this engine I made this game in which the goal is to defeat your enemies and save the princess.


I also created some sort of AI in this game using the A* algorithm and a pattern movement system to emulate intelligent behaviour. I also wrote a paper documenting the implementation of the AI in the engine. Here is the paper



Ruble Shader


This project was to learn about geometry shaders and make one of my own, what I tried to replicate was an impact shader that broke the ground in a wave extending from the center. I also wrote a paper about this subject. Here's the paper.


This was also made in the Overlord Engine.





A clone of the arcade game Bagman made in unity with the added effect of Running in the dark. This was one of my first projects in unity and was made with the help of a co-student.


The goal of the game is to collect as much of the gold (yellow sphere's) as you can before time runs out or if the hunter catches you. You can ride carts, hang down beams and break walls to evade hunters and get to the gold.


Made in Unity



This 1v1 level was created in unreal engine 4 using my own materials, models, textures...


We learned to create extensive particle effects during this project as well.


Made in unral engine 4.

R2D2 mechanical rig


This is a mechanical rig i made of everyone's favourite robot, it has the feature of moving alongside the ground using conform to ground at each foot. And has a bunch of sliders to make animation easier.


Made in 3dsMax.

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